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How To Become a Fashion Buyer

In order to be a fashion buyer, you must have an eye for style, and the right education and experience can help you get there. A degree in a related field will help you gain the knowledge and experience that is essential for this job. A background in personal shopping is also useful.

Certifications are also a good idea if you want to be a fashion buyer. The American Purchasing Society and National Retail Federation both offer certifications in retail sales, green purchasing, and ethical sourcing. The NRF’s Certified Purchasing Professional certification is ideal for those who want to specialize in this field. To become a fashion buyer, you’ll need at least three years of relevant work experience and a Bachelor’s degree.

A fashion buyer must have excellent decision-making skills and strong math skills. They need to compare prices from different vendors ensure the company gets the best price for the product. They also need to be confident when making decisions because they will have to negotiate with vendors. It’s important to remember that fashion buyers work closely with designers and have the opportunity to make important decisions.

Fashion buyers must also have a good sense of style. They must be creative and imaginative. The fashion industry is constantly changing, so keeping up with trends will be important. Reading fashion blogs and fashion magazines will help you stay on top of trends and customers’ wants. Also, spending time in shopping malls will help you observe people’s preferences. You can also look for internships in the fashion industry. These can be good training grounds for this role because companies may hire you after you complete an internship. Alternatively, you can look for openings in department stores.

Fashion buyers must be passionate about what they do. They should know how to identify emerging designers and keep in touch with fashion influencers. In addition, they should be willing to travel to international fashion events. This will help them network with designers and negotiate deals with vendors. Eventually, they can become a part of a design team, sourcing the materials for a designer.

As a fashion buyer, you will have to choose the merchandise for a brand, negotiate prices with suppliers, and react to demand changes. You should be able to spot trends early so that you can anticipate the best sellers before they hit the shelves. Be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal trends. Many fashion buyers buy clothes six months in advance.

Becoming a fashion buyer is a fulfilling career. You’ll travel the world to gather inspiration for the latest trends, and ultimately, order products for stores. You need to have strong interpersonal skills and a great business sense to succeed in the industry.

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