1000 Multi Country Garments & Apparel Buyers Contact List

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International Garments Buyer list & Apparel Buyers Contact details

Global Garments Buyer list & Apparel Buyers Contact details

Expand Your Global Garment Export Business with Our International Garments Buyer List and Apparel Buyer Contacts. Seamlessly Connect with Worldwide Buyers to Meet Their Procurement Requirements.

Listed below is an example of the sort of information contained on this list:

Company Name: 1000+ Available
Contact Name: 1000 + Available
Company Address: 1000 + Available
Phone Number: 1000 + Available
Fax Number: 700 + Available
E-mail Address: 1000 + Available
Website Address: 1000 + Available

Merchandise Range: Women’s Garment, Men’s Clothing, Kids wear Apparel, Sportswear, ladies’ Dresses, women’s Casual Wear, Knitwear, Jackets, Coats, Tops, Tunics, Pants, Shirts, T-Shirts.

Our Main Customers: Garment Exporters, Fashion Designers, Trade Show Organizers, Buying Agencies, Trading Companies.

Delivery Details: Automatic download after payment. Once the payment is made you’ll be redirected to download link, also you can check your email for the download link.

CONNECT WITH DECISION MAKERS: Who are responsible for selecting Apparel & Clothing

Whose titles are: Buyer, Owner, Director, Vice president, and Ceo.

Our database includes contact information of wholesale importers and retail buyers from the following countries:

USA, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Barbados, Bulgaria

Maximize Your Fashion Brand’s Potential: Reach Elite Apparel Buyers with Our Advanced Global Garment Buyers Contact Database. Our carefully selected collection includes a wide range of premium retail establishments, renowned fashion labels, and exclusive designer boutiques. It offers thorough and verified information, including company names, primary contacts, physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Achieving precise targeting is vital for boosting sales and establishing a stronger presence in the highly competitive fashion sector. Utilize our International Garments Buyer database to create valuable connections with your desired audience.

Database updated on March/05/2024